A bright new approach for frustrating back pain

A bright new approach for frustrating back pain
16 Nov 2016

Tired of your low back pain? Lost confidence in movement? Fear that the pain is controlling your lifestyle? 

If these sound familiar then please read on.

Eight out ten people experience back pain at some point in their lives. But for some, sadly, this pain persists. We want to help you understand why.

In the early phases medication is vital to try and allow you to keep moving and stretching. It is normal to avoid painful movements, this is helpful in the short term but detrimental as time goes on. Imagine never bending your elbow again because it hurt when you woke up one day. If we further avoid movement it is common for anxiety and pain to worsen as joints and muscles get stiffer & weaker.

Does it sound familiar to turn to Google where it recommends an MRI so you can see what is causing the problem? However the reality is 99% of MRIs for low back pain are a complete waste of time. We know that 50% of 40 year olds have a “slipped disc” and don’t even know they do, they are pain free.

However societally when we hear the phrases: “degeneration” or “slipped discs” we panic, shattering expectations of recovery. But fear not. We know structural changes don’t correlate to pain. Good to know but why am I still in pain? Most probably you’ve become stiff and weak and your body is no longer good enough to cope with what you’re asking of it.

Evidence has shown exercise is a great tool, but first you need to conquer and challenge fears and beliefs. Knowledge is power and is a key element in encouraging a change in both functional and pain levels. I often use the phrase “you’re safe but sore” to try an instil confidence in moving.  At Kesson Physiotherapy we offer an evidence based programme aiming to help people understand why they are in pain and how to help them gain confidence in challenging their back again- running, weight lifting, walking.

This model has proven very powerful with brilliant results. James Stevenson is 31 years old and has suffered with worsening low back pain for over 5 years after a spinal accident in the military. He couldn’t put his socks on or lift his baby up due to pain. He has seen numerous Drs, physios, chiropractors and osteopaths which all provided short term relief. Tramadol, co-codamol and naproxen was his medication cocktail over the years.

“The combination of truly understanding my pain, or my perception of pain, has changed my life in just 2 months. I can put on my socks the correct way! I can now work out at the gym and do physical things I wouldn’t have even contemplated before.  Kesson Physiotherapy and their Pain group is a really good combination, I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation. Don’t be afraid of challenging your body or your thoughts.”

If you have found this story inspiring and are motivated to move better, why not begin the change now, persistent low back pain is not something that always needs to be feared. Work with us and start the transformation today, call 01795 534113.






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