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Attain your full potential. Don’t let physical injury keep you off the course, nor affect your game.

Swing technique is affected by your posture, flexibility, stability, control of movement, strength and power

Kesson Physio provides a GOLF specific physical assessment to diagnose and treat injuries that are holding you back.

  • Individual stretching, warm up and conditioning programmes for your body
  • Improved control, more consistent swing
  • Improved recovery times, reduced injury recurrence
  • Ensure optimal range of movement and conditioning during play

Lower your handicap and your back pain!

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Closeup of man holding his injured painful shoulder.
  • Due to a skiing accident, I have no ACL. Fit2Ski has been fantastic for me. Run by a qualified physiotherapist, who understands different injuries, the circuit of activities were designed appropriately and each individual in the class stretched to their own level of ability and fitness. After only six weeks, I have amazed myself with how much more confident I am in using my knee and what I can now do!

  • I used the Fit2Ski programme as the final step in my rehabilitation from ACL knee surgery. It had elements of strengthening to build on what I had already achieved but most importantly for me it introduced more dynamic movements and exercises. It has given me the confidence to get back to playing the sports I love, cricket and football. I can’t recommend the programme highly enough.

  • 2x per week seemed like a good plan. I found starting with a small group very helpful because it meant I was able to get lots of attention at the beginning which gave me more confidence to know that I was doing the exercises correctly.