Make Strides in Your Riding

Kesson Physio have a lot of experience in treating riders – whether it’s fine tuning your balance and posture, strengthening your core or getting you going again with some physiotherapy and a rehabilitation program. Whatever it is or whatever injury you have sustained we’re here to help you get back in the yard, on the saddle, riding again – and even muck out – pain free!

You probably spend hours improving your horses’ performance including strength, balance, and suppleness, to achieve perfect harmony when it comes to competition day. However, as a rider you often forget about your own suppleness, strength and balance, or consider how these can improve the performance of you and your horse as a team. Generally, riders are a pretty robust bunch – getting barged out the way, legs and hands trapped in gates, bending over to muck out the stables, and that’s even before you get to the falling off!
BUT….. If it does all go wrong, we’re here to help!

TOP TIPS for common injuries and problems that riders pick up:

Shoulder & upper back pain – Strengthen upper back and shoulder blade muscles; try half press ups or ‘fly’ exercises with light weights.

Pelvic issues – Uneven weight balance? You may have pelvic malalignment – the horse isn’t crooked, you might be! Get your pelvic alignment looked at.

Not carrying your head on top of your shoulders – Sit on a gym ball and ‘stack up’ each body piece to create a balanced upper body.

Muscles soreness – Stay hydrated to remove exercise based lactic acid.

Knee and hip pain – Stretch regularly, especially when sore or stiff.

Lower back issues – Usually caused by poor posture. Gain core strength through workouts and Pilates.

Unstable lower leg – Do wall side squats, double leg to begin with, then move on to single leg squats.

To get more from your riding, call to book an assessment with one of our experienced phsyiotherapists on 01795 534113 or email us at

Physiotherapy treatment for shoulder pain, aches and tension. It  is also used for prevention and treatment in competitive sports.
  • Due to a skiing accident, I have no ACL. Fit2Ski has been fantastic for me. Run by a qualified physiotherapist, who understands different injuries, the circuit of activities were designed appropriately and each individual in the class stretched to their own level of ability and fitness. After only six weeks, I have amazed myself with how much more confident I am in using my knee and what I can now do!

  • I used the Fit2Ski programme as the final step in my rehabilitation from ACL knee surgery. It had elements of strengthening to build on what I had already achieved but most importantly for me it introduced more dynamic movements and exercises. It has given me the confidence to get back to playing the sports I love, cricket and football. I can’t recommend the programme highly enough.

  • 2x per week seemed like a good plan. I found starting with a small group very helpful because it meant I was able to get lots of attention at the beginning which gave me more confidence to know that I was doing the exercises correctly.