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Fit2Rugby is a Strength and Conditioning programme that is designed to assist rugby players in preparing for on-field performance.

Kesson Physio provides advice to players on all aspects of Strength and Conditioning, as well as incorporating training methods that will allow athletes to compete safely, as well as manage injuries and assist with rehabilitation.

Through our Fit2Rugby Prehab programme we run an exercise program that provides sports specific focused exercises and activities geared to help prevent injury.

Rugby players of all levels should include prehabiltation in their weekly training program. The more advanced the athlete, the greater need for a comprehensive prehab program. As an athlete’s body matures within a sport, with their body adapting over time to the physical demands of training. However due to the repetitive nature of rugby training, the body is often unable to keep up with the imposed demands. This can contribute to injury, which can lead to a loss of training time or unavailability for selection. Prehab is needed in order to reduce the risk of injury and keep you in the game.

Our customized prehabilitation programs focus on preparing the body for the demands of training and thus help to prevent injuries. A sound and personalised prehabilitation program should address total body balance and consider sports specific needs. It balances the range of motion, strength, coordination and stabilisation. Exercises and sports specific drills focus on the athlete’s weaknesses as well as on tissues that require the greatest condition to perform sports specific tasks.

Through our Fit2Rugby Rehab programme we aim to optimise player function and well being, to help integrate them back into sport following injury or surgery. The aim is to support the athlete to regain optimal pain-free strength and mobility to return to full participation in their sport.

Due to the complex nature of many sports specific skills, proper programme design should be developed by physiotherapy and strength & conditioning experts such as the team here at Kesson Physio.

Out Fit2 programmes are designed by specialists and are subsequently reviewed and altered by our team. The result is a highly effective and efficient rehabilitation program geared towards delivering your goals.

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Physical therapy or chiropractic treatment of a male patient's injured shoulder using transcutaneous interferential electrical stimulation (TENS) for pain management.
  • Due to a skiing accident, I have no ACL. Fit2Ski has been fantastic for me. Run by a qualified physiotherapist, who understands different injuries, the circuit of activities were designed appropriately and each individual in the class stretched to their own level of ability and fitness. After only six weeks, I have amazed myself with how much more confident I am in using my knee and what I can now do!

  • I used the Fit2Ski programme as the final step in my rehabilitation from ACL knee surgery. It had elements of strengthening to build on what I had already achieved but most importantly for me it introduced more dynamic movements and exercises. It has given me the confidence to get back to playing the sports I love, cricket and football. I can’t recommend the programme highly enough.

  • 2x per week seemed like a good plan. I found starting with a small group very helpful because it meant I was able to get lots of attention at the beginning which gave me more confidence to know that I was doing the exercises correctly.