Five ways Fit2Ski will boost your blissful ski holiday

Five ways Fit2Ski will boost your blissful ski holiday
02 Dec 2016

Kesson Physio’s Fit2Ski is a fitness programme designed to ensure you are in prime physical fitness to maximise your ski holiday wherever you are heading this season.

Charlie has created this unique concept and honed it over the last 3 years. Participants have loved it and found it has transformed their ski holiday. There are five points the group guarantees:

  • Increased holiday enjoyment as you don’t need to worry about your body coping.
  • Technique is not compromised by fatigue.
  • Powder days are not cut short due to your legs.
  • Recovery between intense bursts and from day-to-day is more efficient.
  • A conditioned body meaning your risk of injury is reduced.181565917353c1ef6689be86a32cb44f

You may be asking yourself “well is this group really for me?”, so if any of these are going through your mind then this group is definitely for you.

  • Want to get more out of your ski holiday?
  • Anxious or New to the slopes?
  • Want better endurance to ski confidently all day every day?
  • Concerned about injuries?
  • Preparing for a specific expedition- gap year/ski season or ski course?
  • Technical skier looking to maximise performance?
  • Feeling older but don’t want that to slow you down?
  • Improve all round fitness and lose weight?

The group runs every Wednesday in the new year, 19:30-20:30 at Kesson Physio’s Clinic  on the Abbey school.

Call 01795 534113 to book your place

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