Had enough of arthritis? Overcome it with an 80 year old’s bright solution!

Had enough of arthritis? Overcome it with an 80 year old’s bright solution!
19 Oct 2016

With the weather starting to get colder and wetter we hear patients say more & more “it may be an old wives tail but the weather makes my arthritis flare up”, do you mutter the same thing to yourself as you struggle out of bed first thing?

Well good news, you’re not going mad, there is actually growing evidence that the weather can affect joints and therefore arthritis & pain. However we aren’t exactly sure what element of the weather causes this sensitivity to increase; pressure, temperature or humidity.

Osetoarthritis (OA), arthritis of the joints, is such a prevalent condition, we have all seen people affected. It is estimated that 50% of 65 year olds have been diagnosed with OA at some point between 2010-2012. However, I want to give hope and optimism to the matter using an inspirational patient, particularly at this time of year where people start to become less active with the short days & long nights.

Ray Johnson is 79, he started exercising for the first time in his early 60s, the same time that 50% of the population are being diagnosed with OA and therefore normally starting to worry and do less. Ray detested exercise and sport when he was young and therefore hadn’t really physically challenged his body to a huge degree.

knee OAknee xray
Due to severe OA Ray has lost the ability to straighten his knee by 20o. The X-rays demonstrate the difference between his knee with severe OA and a healthy knee.

Yes he has had bad knee pain in the past which limited his function; he had treatment at Kesson Physiotherapy. Treatment consisted of hands on, acupuncture and specific exercises. Interestingly, despite being pain free for over a year his x-ray is the same. This is actually very common; patients can have structural changes on imaging however no pain.

In addition to his physio he was training regularly at the gym. This meant the muscles surrounding the knee developed, resulting in less pain. This is why exercise is so important and shouldn’t be avoided.
Ray now takes a different approach to his health and is registered with YourPhysioPlan, a monthly physio cash plan, he has physio with the Kesson Team twice a month. He uses physio to prevent problems occurring rather than treating them once they are significant. He has found this has “revolutionised his life and he has never felt better”

Ray has just been accepted for the 2017 London Marathon, what a way to celebrate his 80th hey? Here he is smiling with his physio, Charlie, after the Faversham 10k.

Ray & charlie

If you have found Ray’s story inspiring and are motivated to move better, why not begin the change now, OA is not something that always needs to be feared. Work with us and start the transformation today, call 01795 534113.

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