How We Work

Initial assessments and ongoing treatment

Initial Consultation
£49 /45-60 mins
  • Full physiotherapy examination with detailed health and medical history, orthopaedic/neurological tests
  • 45-60 minutes
Follow up treatments
£39 /30 mins
  • This fee is inclusive of all treatment incl. electrotherapy, mobilistaion, exercise therapy, acupuncture & programmes
  • 30 minutes
Sports Massage With Saffron
£20 /30 mins
  • To arrange a sports massage at our Faversham Clinic please call to book an appointment. 01795 534113
  • 30 mins
Home Visit
£75 /30 mins
  • To arrange a physiotherapy session at your home by one of our Physiotherapists, please call to book an appointment.
  • 30 mins

Once you’ve arrived for your first session with Kesson Physio, expect a professional and friendly welcome.  Come about 10 minutes early for your first appointment so that you can complete a registration and medical checklist form.

Your first session will last approximately 45 minutes and we will conduct a thorough assessment in a relaxed and friendly manner. You will be asked for the details of your symptoms and we will perform a thorough examination of the area/s affected. Following this the diagnosis or source of the problem will be explained .  We will outline your treatment programme which will have the most up to date knowledge and techniques built in.

Depending on the injury site, you will need to undress to allow us to see the area fully and we will probably also examine the joint above and below the area. For this reason it is best to wear well fitting underwear, or to bring a pair of shorts. For the exercise and Pilates sessions, shorts or a track suit is probably most appropriate.

We operate in a professional manner and will always respect your wishes – you are welcome to be accompanied by a family member or friend.

Each subsequent session of your treatment programme lasts 30 minutes, although we usually allow a little more time for acupuncture treatments.

We will offer you appointment times that fit with your schedule.

Call 01795 534113 to book in!


You may be referred to our clinic for assessment and treatment by your General Practitioner or Specialist.  You may refer yourself if you wish. We maintain close contact with your doctor and provide them with a discharge summary at the end of each course of treatment. You may request a copy of this report.

A physiotherapist is treating a patient's foot


We are an approved and preferred provider for the local NHS and GP practices. Ask your doctor to refer you for treatment and you may be eligible to have it funded by the NHS.


If you are self funding you can pay-as-you-go. We accept cash, cheque and card payments.We are an approved and preferred provider for the local NHS and GP practices.  Ask your doctor refer you for treatment and you may be eligible to have it funded by the NHS.


We are a member clinic of, a monthly payment plan to fund cost effective, ongoing physiotherapy care.


Private insurance accepted at Kesson Physio.

We are registered to provide physiotherapy on behalf of all major medical insurance companies (e.g. BUPA, AXA PPP, Standard Life, Norwich Union, Prudential, HSA, WPA, Cigna). If you are covered by medical insurance, check the terms of your cover that payment for physiotherapy treatment of your condition is included. Medical insurance companies usually pay us direct and we invoice them monthly.