Working for you

Denise R

Denise Kesson

Practice Principal

Denise took over the practice from her mother, Monica Kesson, in 2007. She specialises in knee injuries and particularly enjoys the challenge of helping a patient who doesn’t have an obvious injury but through treatment their well-being is improved.

“It is these patients that are most rewarding because they don’t realise what background niggles they have been putting up with until you get rid of them!”

Charlie L-H

Charlie LloydHughes


Charlie focuses on chronic pain, injury prevention and performance enhancement. He has a special interest in strength conditioning to support running and high intensity sports.

“It is always rewarding to get rid of someones pain but I really enjoy helping people get the absolute best out of their bodies whether that be for them to enjoy their leisure activities or take part in competitive sport everyone deserves to feel their best!”

Rob R

Rob Rencen


Rob has a relaxed and easy going manner. He specialises in back, neck pain and sports injuries, with some patients benefitting from his additional qualifications in manipulation and acupuncture.

“It is so rewarding to get rid of a patient’s pain and see the relief and colour come back into their face”

Ann T

Ann Thavisin


Ann is a kind and gentle physio who offers a sympathetic ear and is well known to work wonders on arthritic knees. Ann practices acupuncture, which delivers particular benefit for women’s health.

“There is so much that can be done to ease the pain of arthritis in the knee joint for those who are not yet candidates for surgery”


Saffron Underdown

Junior Therapist

Saffron is the newest member of our team. She passionate about working with people to improve their physical abilities in both sport and non-sport related injuries. She is experienced in mobilisation, manipulation, massage and developing exercise and rehabilitation programmes. She runs many of our fitness classes from Pilates to Spin to HIIT

“Are you moving poorly because you’re in pain? Or are you in pain because you’re moving poorly?”