Seize this unique opportunity to ride like an Olympic champion

Seize this unique opportunity to ride like an Olympic champion
23 Feb 2017

Charlotte is an Olympic Champion, Charlotte doesn’t just ride to improve her riding, Charlotte is smart, be like Charlotte!! 

Charlotte raves about the importance of a strong core and the incredible results it will deliver for your riding, “The way I sit now is through my core, having strength in my seat so as to not just hold on to the reins…. when I sit on my horse I aim to sit in the saddle and ensure my legs aren’t gripping — my legs just hang. Therefore when I want to use my leg, I can. I think resisting the urge to grip is one of the hardest things to do effectively.” (Charlotte Dujardin, May 2014). (Photo Credit: Ali Meek, BHSIT)

Imbalances develop over time due to lifestyle.  How you move when not riding, other exercises, the amount of sitting at work; these directly affect how you perform on your horse.  These resulting imbalances affect movement and posture, causing problems like:

  • Rounded shoulders = Misalignment in the saddle and of the horse
  • Tightness & curving of lower back = can’t sit deep in the saddle = horse imbalance
  • Tight hamstrings = can’t lengthen your leg

If you only try to improve whilst on your horse you will just reinforce old habits. The muscles on your stronger side are shorter, causing you to lean to that side. Straightening you up on your horse requires stretching dominant muscles and strengthening weak muscles. This is better done off your horse.

You will achieve this through Kesson Physio’s Fit2Ride classes. This has been designed in line with Charlotte’s “off the horse” programme. It incorporates strengthening, stretching and gym ball work ensuring that you notice the difference when on your horse.

Fit2Ride classes are a unique addition to riding. There are many ways it will help your riding.  It will increase body awareness, improve flexibility, balance, and strength in order to facilitate optimal riding. It will not only take your riding to a new level it will also have a dramatic impact on your horse. With less stress on your horse you will see a reduction in veterinary/physio expenditure thus allowing you to spend more time doing what you love doing; i.e. being on your horse.

Why not be more like Charlotte and start Kesson Physio’s Fit2Ride classes? Move Better Live Better. For further information contact Kesson Physiotherapy on 01795 534113 or email

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