What is a ViMove Riding assessment and why is it for me?

What is a ViMove Riding assessment and why is it for me?
26 May 2016

What Happens in a ViMove Riding Clinic?

By booking a place on Kesson Physio’s ViMove Riding Clinic, you are taking the next step to becoming a better rider. Here is a low down of how the clinic sessions run.

You will start by warming up your horse up prior to the session in our outdoor manège.  Once you come into the school, you are asked a few basic questions to input into the computer.  You are then measured up and the ViMove sensors placed on your back. Fig 1 Fitting the ViMove Sensors

You are then asked to perform some basic movements on the ground and while sitting on your horse in halt to record your normal posture.

You then perform a few simple movements in walk, trot and canter and then varying different transitions, whilst wearing the ViMove sensors.

Our physio therapist collects all the data transmitted from the sensors to the tablet.  Alongside this the riding instructor present analyses youFig 2 Monitoring upward transitionsr riding posture, to combine this with the data collect from the sensors, creating a truly bespoke riding development package.

The ViMove sensors collect a vast quantity of data.  They will record every single little movement that your back and pelvis make, from the point we attach the sensors until we remove them.

Once the ridden part of the assessment is complete, our physiotherapist reviews the results with you on the tablet, analysing exactly what your pelvis and lower back are doing.   At this point we can highlight any pelvic or lower back stiffness, weakness or muscle imbalances that may be impeding the quality of your riding or indicating any future injury risks.

Fig 3 Interpreting the resultsWe then generate a ViMove Riding Assessment Report that will be easy to understand and interpret.  The report includes a specific development programme tailored for you, designed expressly to help improve your movement and therefore your riding. Follow up appointments are highly recommended to guide postural development, strength and assess your progress to ensure you become a better rider.

The feedback received from riders who have attended the ViMove Riding Assessment Clinics has been extremely positive.  Riders come to the clinic knowing they have a particular trait whilst riding but are unsure what causes it or what to work on to improve it.  This may be that they feel pain whilst riding, get tired easily or simply don’t have the strength to get their horse to do what they want.  With the insight the ViMove technology gives us, we can help identify the cause and therefore work with you to overcome the problem and get you much more from your riding.

If you would like receive a 21st Century insight into your riding style, strength and ability call Kesson Physio on 01795 534113 to book a place on our next ViMove Riding Assessment Clinic.

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