World class player diagnosed with Myopathy.

02 Mar 2017

The unfortunate news regarding Mario Gotze has left the football world saddened and googling the term “Myopathy”. The German international superstar who scored the winning goal in the world cup final will face an indefinite spell on the sidelines as a result of his recently diagnosed “Metabolic disorder”- more specifically a Myopathy.

What is this strange diagnosis?

A Myopathy is a muscular disease where the muscle fibres don’t function fully, leading to premature fatigue, weakness and prolonged recovery. The muscles closer to the core (proximal muscles) are the primarily affected ones. There are differing types of Myopathies- hereditary & acquired; then there are several within these 2 subsections. They are all treated in different ways and some thankfully are curable however, sadly, others not.

Is this condition common?

Formal stats are unknown

Those rugby fans out there will be familiar with Owen Farrell’s goal kicking celebration where he interlocks his fingers. This is for Jack Johnson a five year living with a type of Myopathy called “Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy”.

What will Mario need to do?

Mario will need to control his condition by taking controlled medication. Then working very closely with his physiotherapy team in an attempt to optimise his physical conditioning and stall deconditioning; as well as facilitate recovery between workouts.

All the best to this fine young footballer we hope the news over the coming weeks is positive.



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